Ice Marbles & Ways to PLAY

The other day we shared how to make ice marbles.  We most recently used them to paint, but there are so many other fun ways you can play with ice marbles this Summer.

Ice Marbles - Ways to PLAY

10 FUN Ways to play with ice marbles this Summer (easy to make and so fun!)

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Ice marbles are so easy to make and there are so many fun ways for kids to play with them.  If you missed  how to make them be sure to visit our previous post with a tutorial on how to make ice marbles.  

Here are some of the fun ways you can play with them:

Make Water Bead Ice Marbles  like A Little Learning for Two

Have fun ice bowling like Train Up a Child

Ice Balloons

ice egg decorating

Make Dinosaur ICE Eggs like Teaching Mama

Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Make ICE Lanterns and balloon ice art like Istanti

Play ICE marbles on the sidewalk

I am sure there are tons more fun ways to play with these easy to make ice marbles, too.  If you have any ideas to share, I would love to hear them.  Join our play community on facebook and start sharing and finding kid activity inspiration today!

Ice Marbles- Easy to make and endless ways to PLAY!
  Perfect for Summer!

Tons of ways to play with ice marbles
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