Summer FUN Activities to Stay Cool

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Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year!  There are so many fun things to do & ways to play, but staying cool is key.  Beat the heat while keeping the kids playing and laughing with these amazingly fun water activities perfect for Summer.

Water Activities Kids Love
Must Try Water Activities for Kids; the most fun ideas I've seen!

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Cool things off this Summer with these fun activities:
  1. Make Sponge Bombs  via Passion for Savings
  2. Make a Homemade Sprinkler  via Housing a Forest
  3. Create & Explore With Ice Chalk  via Growing a Jeweled Rose
  4. Make a Tin Foil River  via Camo & Bows
  5. Make a Water BLOB via Homemade Toast
  6. Create a Backyard Water Park  via Event Horizons  
  7. Make a Water Wall & Ball Run  via Familicious
  8. Set Up A Water Balloon Pinata  via Ziggity Zoom
  9. Set Up Some GIANT Ice Cube Fun  via Crumbums
  10. Make GIANT Bubbles  via Lindsay & Drew
  11. Set Up A Tricycle Car Wash  via Design Mom
  12. Play Swimming Pool Scrabble  via Toddler Approved
  13. Make a Water Wall  via Tinkerlab
  14. Paint with Ice  via Growing a Jeweled Rose
  15. Explore Science with Oil & Ice  via Growing a Jeweled Rose
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