Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

Halloween is almost here, and there are so many Halloween activities we have done but have not gotten to share yet!  So I am putting them all together- That way I can share them all before Halloween and also build a handy play resource for next year!

Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

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  Hopefully, if you see something you like, you can squeeze it in.  

Multi-Sensory Pumpkin GOOP!

I made this GOOP similar to how I made our Multi-sensory Fairy GOOP!  I mixed corn starch and water as you normally would to make GOOP.  If you are unfamiliar with how to make basic GOOP, you can read all about it here.  Then I added pumpkin seeds, orange food coloring, and pumpkin pie spice.  This GOOP appealed to every sense.  The seeds added such a neat element to our GOOP play and the whole bin smelled just like Fall!  We will definitely be making this again!

For another fun way to play with GOOP check out our GLOWING Goblin GOO!
glow goo Halloween activity

Spooky Halloween Cloud Dough
Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

To make spooky Halloween cloud dough you will need:

~  7 cups of flour
~ 1/2 cup of black powdered tempera paint or crushed up black chalk
~  1 cup of vegetable oil

Mix all ingredients together.  I always mix the black paint into the flour and then add the oil to make it easier to mix.  Then toss in whatever spooky Halloween things you might have on hand.  We added rats, eye balls, spiders, and other creepy crawlies.  As we played we discovered we could make fun spider eggs with the cloud dough and even hide spiders inside!

Rosie thought this was the coolest thing!

I also realized one other thing- black cloud dough is just like playing in the dirt only without the germs and real bugs.  While I don't mind Rosie playing in the dirt I know some parents are weary due to ring worm and other factors.  This would make a great alternative!

Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

Goblin Guts Sensory Play
Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

Just another fun twist on pasta sensory play.  We prepared the pasta just as we did for our alphabet letter hunt only I used green food coloring.  Then we tossed in rats, eye balls, snakes, spiders, and whatever else would make up a great batch of goblin guts.  The girls had a blast exploring!

We certainly don't advocate food waste, so, once we were done with the Goblin Guts sensory bin we found lots of other ways to use the pasta.  

Goblin Gut Sensory Painting
Halloween activities for kids- sensory activities

Painting with pasta is so fun!  Every time we play with pasta we always paint with it after.  It is a great way to get more use out of it and really is just so fun!  If you have not painted with pasta yet you really must try it!

Goblin Guts Sensory Bag
Halloween activities Sensory bags Halloween fun

This Goblin Guts Sensory Bag is another fun way we used our pasta before tossing it!  You can discover how I made this sensory bag and other fun Halloween sensory bags here.

We really enjoyed these sensory activities and didn't want to let Halloween slip away without sharing them with you.  

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