Monster Puddles on a Rainy Day

Today I am excited to share the first of many more to come- rainy day puddle surprises

Monster Puddle Stomping! 
Monster puddles rainy day activities for kids
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Fun for a Rainy Day!

The other day it rained here all morning giving me the perfect opportunity to surprise Rosie with monster puddles after her nap.  While she napped I went outside and made our monster puddles!

Monster puddles on a rainy day

To make the monster puddles, I sprinkled green powdered tempera paint in the puddles.  Then I added eye balls, snakes, and spiders that I purchased from The Dollar Tree.  I did this right as Rosie was waking .  Then it was monster stomp time!

Monster puddle rainy day activity
Running and stomping
Monster puddle rainy day activity

rainy day activities monster puddles

Monster puddles rainy day activity

Monster puddles rainy day activities

Monster puddles on a rainy day

Needless to say Rosie loved this rainy day activity! 
Monster puddle rainy day activity

This was such a fun rainy day surprise and was so simple to set up.  If you do not have powdered paint, you could use crushed up sidewalk chalk.  Just place it in a bag and hammer it until it is a fine powder.  Both the sidewalk chalk and powder paint will wash away at the next rain fall.  

If you have been following along with us you know that we have been doing a lot of monster themed activities to help Rosie with her sudden fear of monsters.  These activities have helped show her how fun monsters are while also emphasizing that they are only pretend.   Here are the other monster activities we have done:

Rosie loved this activity so much and now asks to go puddle jumping every time we have a rainy day.  Lucky for her it rained a lot here last week ;)  We have had lots of fun creating other fantastic rainy day puddle surprises Be sure to check back with us to see what fun we got into!  
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