Boo Bath Halloween Fun

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I had a lot of fun setting up this spooky bath time surprise! I used black food coloring to dye the bath water.  The dye did not stain the bath or skin. Then I made ghosts coming out of the water using shaving cream. 

Boo Bath time Halloween Fun

 I cut round shapes out of craft foam to use for the eyes and mouth.  

Aren't these just too cute?

I also made large ghosts out of craft foam so that the girls could decorate ghost faces in the bath.

Boo Bath time Halloween Fun

Rosie loved this!

Both girls had lots of fun exploring the ghostly textures

As the girls played the ghosts began to"melt"   

 The "melting" shaving cream ghosts only gave Rosie and Jewel lots more to discover and explore!

Both girls had lots of Halloween fun with this Boo bath! 

The best part- all the mess was contained and easy to clean!

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