Summer Sensory Play- Shaving Cream & Ice Paint

As I mentioned in another recent post, we are in the middle of a heat wave here in Maryland.  The temperatures have been extreme, but we have been coming up with all kinds of creative ways to stay cool, and still get outside.  Many of these playtimes have involved ice.  The other day, we shared how we cooled off with colored ice and water.  Today, we added some ice paint to shaving cream for some fun Summer sensory play!

Shaving Cream & Ice Paint

This was such a beautiful way to cool off a bit on a scorching hot Summer day!

  To make the ice paint, I simply filled an ice cube tray with washable tempera paint, and popped it in the freezer.  If you want to use less paint, you can fill the ice cube tray with 1/2 paint and 1/2 water, but I love the vibrant colors of the frozen paint, and prefer not to dilute mine.  You can also use food coloring to make colored ice cubes.

Once the paint cubes were frozen, I filled our sensory table with one can of shaving cream, and added the frozen paint.

As Rosie manipulated the ice paint, it swirled into the shaving cream, creating a beautiful marbling effect.

The ice and shaving cream combined to create a new and exciting texture that Rosie thought was so neat.

She had so much fun exploring with this new sensory combination!

And it was so colorful!  

Playing with the ice paint was such a fun way to cool off on a hot day!

 Once all the ice paint had melted, we added some cold water to the mix, and extended the play time.  Rosie proclaimed the mixture was a magical pink pool, so we added some princesses, and some fabulous pretend play ensued!

This activity can be enjoyed year round!  Simply take your play to the bath!

Beautiful Summer Sensory Play
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