Make Your Own Glowing Chalk

As we explore with blacklight, we continue to make discoveries and come up with new ways to play.  The other day we experimented and tried making our own glowing chalk .  I was pleasantly surprised by  the results!

Make You Own Glowing Chalk!
How to make chalk that glows glowing chalk
Easy to make GLOWING chalk
To make our glowing chalkI placed some sidewalk chalk in a bowl of orange glow water.  I also placed some in a bowl of green glow water.  Then, I let both sit for several days.

Make chalk glow glowing water
Glow water and chalk
  The glow water slowly absorbed into the chalk to make glowing chalk!

While the green worked the best and was the most vibrant, the orange worked great too!

Rosie loves sidewalk chalk and making chalk GLOW only made it more FUN!

Make glowing chalk glowing water glow water

Our messy play/ blacklight room is in our basement and happens to have a concrete floor.  So that is where Rosie explored with her glowing chalk.  However, you could explore with glowing chalk on a chalk board or any similar surface.  The chalk is damp so you may need a cloth and water to wipe the surface clean after playing, but the chalk does wipe off! 

For this playtime, all you need is a blacklight and some homemade glowing chalk.  If you do not have a blacklight , one can be purchased very inexpensively and there are so many ways to play with it!

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Rosie had a lot of fun making and exploring with the glowing chalk!  Here is one of her masterpieces! 

make chalk glow water

In order to make glowing chalk,  you will need to know how to make glow water .  You can read all about how to make it here.

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