Bubble Wrap Sensory Sliding Fun

  We love playing with bubble wrap, but for us, it has to be the big bubble variety. The little stuff is so much harder to pop.  Rosie loves feeling the big bubbles pop between her toes as she walks and jumps on it.  It is also a really fun texture to paint on, and bubble prints look really neat.  I don't know why I never thought to add shaving cream to bubble wrap before today, but I am so glad we did!   

Shaving Cream and Bubble Wrap Sensory Sliding

  I placed one sheet of bubble wrap bubble side up, and the other bubble side down.  I then added about 1/2  a can of shaving cream and several drops of food coloring.  We love color, but if you are worried about staining, you can omit the food coloring, and this would still be loads of fun.  

The combination of the shaving cream and the bubble wrap felt amazing between the toes! 

Both bubble wrap textures were fun to explore.  The sheet that was bubble side down was super slippery, like a slip-N-slide.  Rosie loved hearing the bubbles pop as she slid around.  The sheet that was bubble side up tickled as it popped between  the toes.  There was no way not to giggle as the shaving cream squished, and the bubbles popped.

Jumping was also lots of fun!
Rosie played until all the bubbles were popped. 

Then it was up to bath.

High fives to another fun play time!
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