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Rosie has been having so much fun creating an array of concoctions.  She loved making perfume.  She had a lot of fun mixing up bubble concoctions.  Pretend cooking using real ingredients was also a fun and imaginative mixing play time, and one we return to often. We have also been having lots of fun exploring with blacklight.  So....... 

Why not combine the two, and make some glowing concoctions? 

I was so excited to set up this Mad Science lab for Rosie.  I knew she would love it! 

I filled varying containers with different glowing liquids.
Glow water, tonic water, two colors of glowing vinegar, and pipettes filled with various glowing substances. Tonic water naturally glows under the blacklight.   To make glowing vinegar, just fill a container with 3/4 vinegar and 1/4 glow water or tonic water. For instructions on how to make glow waterclick here.

I also made glowing ice by freezing a little glow water and tonic overnight.
 I added a little bit of glowing paint to one of the bowls for a bit more color.  You can purchase glow in the dark paint at any craft store, Walmart, or Amazon.

I also made a small volcano using play dough and a small round container.  I wrapped the play dough around the container  and molded it to look like a volcano.  I then filled it with baking soda so it was ready for it's first eruption.

Other things that were laid out on the table were sea salt, baking soda, alka-seltzer tablets, and corn starch.
Rosie was truly awestruck by this fun set up. 

 We guided her to the volcano first and showed her how to make the first one.  We wanted to do the volcanoes first so that she could mix freely after and discover her own concoctions. 

 She LOVED the glowing eruptions!

She wanted to do this over and over.  It was a good thing we had lots of baking soda and vinegar.  Here are two of my favorite shots of the many eruptions.  They were so beautiful!
This one was created using the tonic/vinegar mixture

This one was created using the glow water.  I also added a touch of glowing paint to this one.

Once we finally ran out of baking soda, Rosie began exploring some more Mad Science.
Mixing glow water and tonic with corn starch.

We did not tell Rosie what anything was or how it would react.  Rosie was delighted to discover she had made GOOP!
Goop is her favorite sensory material.

She continued to mix, creating many goopy concoctions.  This fizzing concoction was a favorite.  She discovered it when she dropped a few alka-seltzer tablets into the goop.

The Alka-seltzer made everything fizz and bubble, and it was a great addition to our lab.  The fizzing tablets were also a lot of fun to hold in your hand.

Exploring the glowing ice.

Rosie created lots of icy concoctions and made a lot of fun discoveries along the way.  The sea salt had an amazing effect on the glowing ice. It caused the ice to crack and the colors to run together.

I do not know why I have never thought to add ice to our goop before.  Rosie added ice to the goop during this playtime, and it was AWESOME!  The goop sliding off the ice- the coolness of the goop- it all felt so neat!
We will be adding ice to our goop all the time now, especially with the warmer weather upon us.

We saved one final experiment for the end of this play time.  This is called a rapid cascade.  My husband remembered it from one of his school Science lessons.  You can do this experiment with regular soda and no blacklight.  We used tonic water because we wanted it to GLOW!  All you need is a 2 liter of carbonated soda and a pack of Mentos mint candies.  Drop all of the mint candies into the soda at once, and it will cause a rapid cascade. 

This happens very quickly and is very hard to capture on film.  The above photos do not do this experiment justice at all.  The tonic water erupted from the bottle and cascaded about ten feet into the air.  Rosie was awestruck! 

This Mad Science Lab was so much fun!  

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