Shaving Cream Sliding Fun!

Today was a beautiful day here and this simple activity kept my girls busy for over an hour!

Shaving Cream Sliding Fun

Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with this activity!

All I needed for this fun play time was a can of shaving cream and a sliding board which the girls already had.  I added food coloring to the shaving cream just because we love color.  

I covered the area in front of the slide with a thick tablecloth to give Rosie a semi-padded place to land.  I also thought this would extend the activity beyond just sliding.

Rosie had a blast!

Going head first was her preferred method!

As soon as she hit ground, she would jump up and RUN over to slide again.

I added more shaving cream a few times, but by the second slide, Rosie was so covered it really wasn't necessary.  

While Rosie went nuts on the shaving cream slide, Jewel enjoyed a little shaving cream sensory play of her own.

This was her first time playing with shaving cream.  She loved it!

I had been hesitant to let her play since she is in the stage of putting everything in her mouth.  However, she only took a tiny taste, and that was enough for her to know she did not want to eat it.

What she did want to do was clap it between her hands, and send it flying!

Jewel really had a ball!   I am so excited that she is starting to be able to partake in more and more of our messy fun!

Rosie also had lots of fun shaving cream painting.

Though it was short lived.  She just couldn't stay off the slide!

Who can blame her?  Doesn't this look like fantastic fun?

Who knew a can of shaving cream could add so much joy to an already loved toy?  We will be returning to shaving cream sliding again and again this Summer!  

WhooHoo to a super fun and simple playtime!

Once playtime was over, we went right up for a quick bath.  While it was warm outside, it was still a touch cold for the sprinkler.  However, next time we do this, I think we will just run through the sprinkler after :)



 After this first play time we laid a tarp down on a hill with a slide, creating an amazing shaving cream sliding experience.  These photos are not the best, but I simply must share this ultimate combination with you!

Adding a tarp and a hill to our shaving cream sliding fun! 

The ULTIMATE shaving cream sliding experience! 
Our original shaving cream experience was fantastic fun, but this was definitely the Ultimate Sliding Experience! 

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