Outer Space Themed Bath

We have been having so much fun exploring with glow water.  We used it to make all sorts of things glow for our black light themed play date.  We also had a lot of fun using it to paint our bath bubbles.  Knowing how we love our themed sensory baths, it was only a matter of time before we used it to create a fun themed bath!  

Outer Space Themed Bath

glowing bath water Outer Space bath

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I thought the glow water would be perfect for an Outer Space theme
.  I used two yellow highlighters to make this bath.  However, the water could have been diluted a lot more, and still would have glowed.  I made the glow water the same as I did here, except that I held the highlighter sponge directly under the running bath water.  When making glow water, be sure that the highlighters you are using are non-toxic.  If the label does not specifically say non-toxic, I would not use them.

If using highlighter water in the bath makes you uncomfortable you can also substitute tonic water to give you a COOL BLUE glow.  Tonic is 100% edible, safe for kids, and even meant for ingestion.  One two liter will give you insanely bright water

Glowing bath water

Another Option- You can also make RAINBOW glow water using non-toxic paint that is meant for kids to play with 

Glowing Rainbow Water
(click the photo for tutorial)

Any way you do it will be a blast!  To create the Outer Space theme, I repurposed a lot of the item from the water bead station we had at the black light play date.  I used glow in the dark planets, asteroids, and stars.  I also used our submersible LED lights

How to make your bath water glow glowing bath

I painted the wall using glowing homemade bath paint, and whipped up enough for Rosie to paint with during bath time too.

The girls LOVED this bath! 

Outer Space themed glowing bath glow water

Jewel loved splashing the glowing water.  Rosie loved painting.

Glowing bath

And both girls loved chasing the space objects in the water!

Glowing bath water


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Glow Bath

Rosie and Jewel had so much fun with this bath!  The glow water did not irritate their skin in any way, and everything washed right down the drain after.  However, only do what YOU are comfortable with as a parent for your child.  Also note that this bath was just for fun.  We took another bath for cleaning purposes right after.

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