Slime Baskets Recipe

August 01, 2012

Slime Baskets
When I first saw Flubber Slime Baskets over on Juggling with Kids, I knew it was a must do activity!
Our outdoor space is very limited so I immediately began trying to think of ways that we could set this activity up in the bath! It was actually very easy.Slime Baskets
I used utility rope I purchased from The Dollar Tree to hang three baskets (also purchased from The Dollar Tree)  The rope was tied to the shower curtain rod and then secured to the bath wall with duct tape.  The duct tape was more then strong enough to hold the rope in place.  I had the slime waiting and ready to be put in the baskets just as soon as the girls were under them.

We have made slime several times in the past using this Flubber recipe.  However, I wanted a slightly runnier consistency this time, so I experimented while making our slime.  I actually made two different batches because the first was way too runny.  This is the recipe that I ended up using:

How to make Slime Basket Slime:
  • 1 teaspoon of borax
  • 1 1/3 cups very warm water
(Combine in a small bowl )

In a separate bowl Combine

  • 2 Cups of White School Glue
  • 1 1/2 cups very warm water
  • A few drops of food coloring if color is desired

Mix the contents of both bowls well.  Once mixed combine both bowls together and mix for several minutes until the desired consistency is reached.

This tweaked recipe gave us the perfect consistency!  If yours turns out a little too thick it means you added too much borax.

Once the girls were in the tub, I filled the baskets with the slime!  It came pouring down very quickly!


Then the fun began!

Slime Baskets

Lots of giggles!


Exploring the sticky texture.

Slime baskets
Slime recipe
Loving it!
Slime recipe

Both girls loved this activity! I mean, what kid wouldn't? Even I wanted to play in the
slimey goodness! And the best part about doing this activity in the bath was that all the mess was contained, and all surfaces easily wiped clean!

To clean the bath surfaces, I took one piece of slime and used it to pick up all the other pieces. The slime sticks to itself, and easily came right off of all surfaces. Once I had gathered the majority of the slime, I placed it in a ziplock bag for us to play with another day.

Then I turned the shower on for the girls, and helped them get all the slime off of their skin and out of their hair. I was a little worried about the slime getting stuck in their hair, but it came out pretty easily. Once the girls hair was wet, I just had to rub their heads where the slime was to get it out. Any and all SLIME remnants were washed away by the time the shower was over.

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