Boredom Busters for Kids

Rainy days are hard.  Witching hour can be even worse.  Keeping kids actively engaged & un-bored is just as important to mom's sanity as it is to the kids mood and disposition. These boredom busting activities will help keep kids happy and make mom's life easier!

Boredom Busters for Kids
25 Cheap to FREE boredom busters to keep kids having fun and make mom's day easier!

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Kids will play for hours.  At least mine did.  Don't believe me?  Try it! 

from Meaningful Mama

What kid wouldn't love this simple DIY contraption?

from I Can Teach My Child

Rockets of all kinds are fun.  These are super easy, fast, and mess free!  A great way to fight that boredom.

from Curious Kangaroos

Recycled paper towel rolls + pom poms = an educational and FUN game 

from Princesses, Pies, and Preschool Pizzazz

Talk about a fun way for a kid to spend a rainy day!

from Berry Sweet Baby

All you need are straws and tape for this FUN musical instrument

from Krokotak

Give kids art supplies & a BIG canvas to create.  Sure to keep them busy, & the mess is a cinch to clean

Contact paper + odds and ends= quiet and mess free creating

from A Little Learning for Two

Got a box?  Make a boat and let little ones get lost at sea

be a sailor make a boat
from Nurturestore

DIY Marble Roll Game
Have a shoe box?  Make this simple and fun marble roll game!

marble run
from One Crafty Place

Balloon Badminton
Another fun game to fight boredom and it couldn't be easier to make!

from Ever Never Again

Easy games any kid can play.  Keep them moving and keep the boredom at bay 

from Parenting

Over 20 fun ways to play with shaving cream.  Grab a can and fight that boredom!

All you need are a few common household items for the kids to get crafting and stay un-bored

from Tip Junkie

Set Up An Indoor Treasure Hunt
Perfect for long days indoors

Set up a treasure hunt sensory bin and let the littles spend the morning pretending to be pirates- SO FUN!

These are so fun even I played when we made a similar set

from Mineco

First they can decorate the plates and then they can PLAY!  Two boredom busters in one!

 from A Little Learning for Two

Make Snow Shooters
Tons of fun and all you need is a few common household items

Snow shooters

Making the boats is just as FUN as racing them

from Mess for Less

Any time your stuck inside the tub is always a great place to set up FUN PLAY

Fluffy Bath Tub Paint
from Housing a Forest

Check out this collection for lots of ways to fight boredom using only what is in your pantry


There you have it.  Over 25 ways to fight kids boredom, and in turn make mom's day easier.  For even more boredom busters visit our Boredom Busters Pinterest board 
New ideas are added daily.

25 Cheap to FREE boredom busters to keep kids having fun and make mom's day easier!

Happy Playing!
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