Peeps Play Dough Recipe

February 13, 2019
Make play dough for kids using PEEPS Easter candy! #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepscraftsforkids #easteractivitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose
We love making our own play dough at home.
Today, we re-purposed a bit of our Easter candy and tried to make PEEPS play dough.  The results were just too fun!  Read on for the easy recipe tutorial.

Make play dough for kids using PEEPS Easter candy! #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepscraftsforkids #easteractivitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose
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How to Make Peeps Play Dough

(per color)
  • Combine the above ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on high until the Peeps expand (roughly 30 seconds)
Make play dough for kids using PEEPS Easter candy! #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepscraftsforkids #easteractivitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose
  • Carefully remove the bowl from the microwave, and begin mixing the ingredients with a spoon.
  • Once cool enough finish kneading and mixing the dough with your hands.
Make play dough for kids using PEEPS Easter candy! #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepscraftsforkids #easteractivitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose
  • If the dough is at all sticky add a bit of corn starch and knead it in.  Continue to add more starch and knead until the desired consistency is reached.
  • Repeat the above steps using different colors of Peeps candy, and you can easily make an entire rainbow of play dough!
Make play dough for kids using PEEPS Easter candy! #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepscraftsforkids #easteractivitiesforkids #growingajeweledrose

That's it!  This play dough takes seconds to make and has such a fun texture!  
  • Give kids cookie cutters and other play tools, and they will surely have a blast! 

EASTER FUN FOR KIDS: Make play dough from PEEPS candy. This easy recipe is taste-safe, making if great for kids of all ages!  Why not turn some of that Easter candy into fun? #peeps #peepsplaydough #playdoughrecipe #peepsplaydoughrecipe #peepsrecipes #peepscrafts #easterplaydough #kidseastercrafts #easteractivitieskids #tastesafeplaydough #growingajeweledrose
One other thing to love about this play dough is that it is TASTE-SAFE, making it fun for kids of all ages!
Tips & Resources:  
  • If you don't have Peeps candy in your country you can make the same type of play dough using marshmallows.  Check out our marshmallow play dough recipe for the full tutorial.
  • We purchased our Peeps candy in a variety of colors on Amazon here.
  • I recommend using neon food coloring if you are adding extra coloring to your Peeps play dough.  The colors are super vibrant and perfect for Spring!
  • We used coconut oil to make our play dough, but other cooking oils can also be used. 
  • Peeps play dough is meant for one-time use and should be discarded after play.
  • Is your play dough too sticky?
  • Add a little corn starch & knead it in!
  • Is your play dough too crumbly?  OOPS!  
  • That means that you accidentally added too much corn starch.  That is ok!
  • Add a bit of coconut oil to your hands and knead it into the dough!
  • If the dough becomes sticky during play knead in more corn starch.  I used quite a bit of corn starch throughout the mixing process to get the desired consistency.
This play dough recipe requires no cooking and is made using Kool-aid!  The play dough is easy to make, taste-safe, and you do not need cream of tartar! #playdoughrecipe #playdough #koolaidplaydoughrecipe #koolaidplaydough #playdoughrecipenocreamoftartar #playdoughrecipenocook #playdoughrecipeeasy #koolaidplaydoughrecipenocook #nocookplaydough
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