Rainbow Treasure Hunt for Kids

Treasure hunts are so fun!  Rosie and Jewel love them and will play with a simple treasure hunt sensory bin for a long time.  This rainbow treasure hunt was no exception.

Rainbow Treasure Hunt for Kids
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Rosie and Jewel had a blast hunting for treasures in a bin of RAINBOW noodles.  Preparing the noodles is easy, and they can be used several times, making this activity very frugal.  To see how we prepared the noodles visit our previous post- rainbow sensory play with noodles.

Once the noodles are colored line a sensory bin or container with treasures;  I used treasure coins, gems, and beaded necklaces.  Then cover the treasure in the rainbow noodles.  I tucked a few coins on top just to entice the girls.

They had so much fun hunting for the treasures in the colorful noodles

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This is a great way to use left over pasta.  I purposely made extra the other night, and this is one of the fun ways that we found to PLAY!  When playtime was over I stored our noodles in a zip seal bag in the fridge.  We used them a few more times; connect with us on Pinterest and Facebook to see what we came up with!

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