Gingerbread Clay Recipe

This gingerbread clay is easy to make and smells amazing!
My girls had a lot of fun playing with their clay and can't wait to hang their gingerbread creations from the tree.

Make scented gingerbread ornaments with this simple gingerbread clay recipe

Gingerbread Clay Recipe

Mix all ingredients in a pot and stir over medium to high heat. 

Continue to stir every few seconds until the ingredients reach a clay-like consistency. It does not take long for the clay to fully form. You will know it is done when it has reached a consistency similar to mashed potatoes. 
Transfer the clay to a heat-safe bowl and cover with a moist towel until cool enough to knead.  Once cool knead the clay with your hands, adding more spice if desired. 

Note:  If you do not use food coloring you will want a lot more spice to deeply color the clay. The ratio of each spice you use will depend on your own preference, but you should use a lot more cinnamon than ginger or clove.

After a bit of kneading you will have delightfully scented gingerbread clay!
Give kids rolling pins, buttons, cookie cutters, puffy paint, and other embellishments to make gingerbread ornaments.

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The whole family enjoyed decorating gingerbread ornaments!  We found that puffy paint in tubes worked really well for decorating, and we used hot glue for securing beads and other embellishments.  
It will take roughly 24 hours for your ornaments to dry.  Don't forget to make holes in your ornaments so you can easily hang them from the tree.

This gingerbread clay is great for play, too! We stored the left overs in a zip seal bag so that Rosie and Jewel can make gingerbread men over and over again.



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