Ghost Foam Play Recipe

We had so much fun today with this easy to make play recipe.  We have used these same exact ingredients to make different recipes in the past, but by simply changing a few elements this play time was all anew.

Ghost Foam- bubbling, squishy, mold-able, naturally COLD foam.  Kids get to play ghost busters and make the ghosts they form disappear right before their eyes.  Seriously COOL!
Ghost Foam Play Recipe

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Ghost foam is amazingly FUN.  It is squishy and foamy and mold-able.  It is also naturally cold which adds a really fun element to play, and one perfect for a ghost themed activity.

Ghost Foam Play Recipe
  • One large box of baking soda
  • One can of shaving foam
  • Vinegar
  • A squirt or squeeze bottle
  • Optional-black craft foam
Mix the baking soda and shaving foam in a sensory bin or container.  We used one large box of baking soda and one can of shaving foam, but you really can use slightly varied amounts.  We slowly mixed our ingredients so that we could explore a variety of textures, and this combination of materials is fun with more or less of each, too.  We wanted our ghost foam to be more foamy than dough-like.  If you want to make more of a dough just use more baking soda and a touch less foam

Ghost foam play recipe

Once we had the mixture we liked for this activity I gave Rosie black craft foam so that she could make ghosts.  She had lots of fun building ghosts in her squishy foam.  It is so soft but also very mold-able

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

Then things got REALLY FUN!  I gave Rosie a squirt bottle of vinegar, and she was suddenly transformed into a ghost buster!

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

This was her favorite part!  She had a blast hosing the ghosts to make them disappear

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

Ghost Mud Play Recipe

She made ghosts over and over just so she could "bust them".  After she had used all the vinegar we were left with another amazingly FUN material to muck around in.

ICY Ghost Mud
Icy Ghost Mud

 It feels exactly like mud so that is what we called it while we played.  Super fun for making flying ghosts.  Add more vinegar and you can make the ghosts FIZZLE.  Oh, and this mud is icy cold making it unique from the other ghost mud recipe we shared {or any of our other mud play recipes}

This activity was SO FUN!

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