Candy Corn Cloud Dough Recipe

October is finally here which means Halloween is getting close!  We love Halloween and always have lots of fun finding fun ways to incorporate the holiday into our PLAY.  This candy corn cloud dough is perfect sensory fun for this month.

Fluffy Candy Corn Cloud Dough Recipe
Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play- fabulous fun for Fall!

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This fun play recipe combines two similar play materials that Rosie and Jewel love; Cloud dough and cake dough.  Rosie loved the pumpkin and apple cloud dough we made last Fall so much that I knew this combination would be a hit.

Candy Corn Dough Materials List
  • One box of vanilla cake mix
  • One box of yellow cake mix
  • 7 Cups of Flour
  • 1 cup of vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup of powdered tempera paint for color- you can make your own easily if you don't have it
  • Optional: vanilla extract
You want to start by making a batch of orange cloud dough.  This is very easy to make.  Just mix the flour, vegetable oil, and powdered paint in a bowl.  I couldn't find an orange cake mix but if you do you could honestly just use that.  Cake mix and cloud dough have almost the same exact consistency, only the cake mix comes ready-made and scented.  So easy!  You could also try dying white cake mix to make the orange dough.

The rest of this play recipe is REALLY easy.  Add the orange cloud dough to a sensory bin and then open the white and yellow cake mix boxes and pour them in, layering to look like candy corn if desired

Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play

Once the bin was ready I tossed in Halloween cookie cutters, scoopers, and a few containers so that Rosie and Jewel could explore.  They had so much FUN!

Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play

The vanilla cake mix alone makes this bin smell very much like candy corn.  I added a touch of extra vanilla extract to the orange cloud dough to really capture the candy corn scent, but this really isn't needed.  If you have the extract on hand I would say to add it but if not then you can totally skip it

The candy corn dough feels like fluffy clouds in your hands yet it is mold-able

Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play

Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play

Such fabulous FUN!

candy corn cloud dough recipe for play

Candy corn cloud dough

Rosie and Jewel played for quite a while, and then I placed the lid on our bin so they could play again and again.  One thing I LOVE about cloud dough & cake dough is that neither sensory material spoils.  As long as it is kept in a tightly sealed, dry container you can keep it indefinitely or until it gets soiled.  We still have our pumpkin cloud dough from last year, and the girls have had so much fun with it.

Candy Corn Cloud Dough
Candy corn cloud dough recipe for play- feels like fluffy clouds in your hands yet it is moldalbe

Fabulous FUN for Fall!

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