How to make Carved Pumpkins Last Longer

Last year we learned a handy tip for making our carved pumpkins last longer.  This was especially helpful to us here on Growing a Jeweled Rose because we always carve pumpkins early and then find FUN ways to play with them.  Before last year the pumpkins would always begin to rot/mold within days of carving, but with this easy and quick tip you can preserve those carved pumpkins for weeks.

How to make those Carved Pumpkins Last
A quick tip for making carved pumpkins last longer
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Two Quick Tips

After you check out our tip be sure to also read the other tips at the end of the post!

All you have to do to make your carved pumpkins last is give them a bath.  A simple bath in bleach water and occasional spritzing after does wonders!   You will want to use one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water.  Soak the pumpkins for 4-6 hours, occasionally pouring some of the water over the pumpkins and turning them

make carved pumpkins last longer

Setting up our pumpkin bath was simple.  We used a plastic bin and simply left it out on our patio.  The girls really thought giving the pumpkins a bath was fun, and they delighted in pouring the water over them.

Why this works:  the water helps hydrate the pumpkins which prevents rotting.  The bleach helps kill any bacteria and get rid of any dirt which prevents molding and further helps to keep the pumpkins from rotting.

After roughly 4-6 hours take your pumpkins out, and you are good to go.  It is also a good idea to occasionally spritz the inside and outside of the pumpkins with a bleach water solution.  We usually do this every couple days to ensure our pumpkins last as long as possible.

A Reader Tip 
Several readers mentioned using Vaseline on your pumpkins carved parts to prevent rotting.  Many readers said that applying Vaseline makes the pumpkins last weeks longer.  We have not tried this ourselves, but we definitely will.  If you don't feel like giving the pumpkins a bath ,why not give this a try?  Simply rub Vaseline over the eyes, nose, and mouth and that's it!

Pumpkin fresh is a store bought pumpkin preserver that works wonders!  It costs a few dollars, but if you want super ease, grab a bottle next time you are out and simply spritz the pumpkins with it.  

As for ways to play, here are a few and we have more on the way!

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Check back for more FUN ways to play with those pumpkins!

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