Chalk Paint Recipe

The other day we shared a simple way to make your own powdered paint using sidewalk chalk. This paint powder is so easy to make, and there are so many ways to use it in art and PLAY. Today, we added water to our crushed chalk powder to make beautifully vibrant chalk paint.

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Making the sidewalk chalk powder is really easy.  All you have to do is crush up traditional sidewalk sticks.  Using a zip seal bag and a hammer works great (Visit my previous post for more detailed instructions).  One box of sidewalk chalk will yield lots of powder that can be used in all sorts of activities.  Add water to your chalk to make this great chalk paint.
homemade paint recipe

Mixing the water into the chalk powder is lots of fun for kids and gives them the opportunity to explore a variety of textures.  It takes a bit of mixing for the water to completely blend into the chalk.  We added Kool-aid powder to the paints to give them a scent, and the girls loved that.  Kids can add more or less water to produce different paint consistencies.  The colors are really vibrant, too!

homemade paint recipe

homemade paint recipe

This is such a frugal way to make paint, and it smelled amazing!

homemade paint recipe

Since this paint is made from a simple chalk and water mixture it is also great for painting on the sidewalk

Homemade sidewalk paint using only two ingredients- vibrant colors and 100% washable!

Even with the Kool-aid it is 100% washable!

homemade paint recipe

A Few Tips:  We have made chalk powder using a variety of different sidewalk chalk brands, and some give more vibrant results.  This sidewalk chalk from Walmart is only one dollar and has given us the best and most colorful powder so far.  It looks like it is not available online, but was still available in stores the last time we were there.  All brands will work,. but you may need more powder to get really colorful paints and play times.  Really, the more rich in color the chalk is the better.  If the chalk you are using does not produce vibrant paints you can simply add a drop or two of food coloring.
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