Sensory Activity for Spring

Today I am excited to have Ann of My Nearest and Dearest here to share a fun Spring sensory activity!  I sure do have Spring fever and a sensory bin is a great way to build excitement for the approaching change in season.  


 I'm thrilled to be guest posting at Growing a Jeweled Rose. Crystal's creative ideas have inspired many of the activities I do with my son (33 months) and the little ones in my home daycare. I'm truly honored to be sharing one of my posts here. As I write this there is still plenty of snow on the ground. We have lots of fun in winter but at this point we're all getting a wee bit tired of it. Time for a spring themed sensory activity!

  sensory activity

I put
this bright and cheery spring-themed sensory bin together using some items that I already had and some that I bought at the dollar store. It only took a couple of minutes to toss everything in the bin and it was so gratifying to hear the response from the little 26 month-old girl in my care, "WHOA! Thanks Ann!". Do I have a great job or what?!

  Contents of our Spring Sensory Bin:
  • green paper shred
  • a topiary ball
  • fake flowers: white fabric & plastic flowers, pink fabric rose petals, a plastic tulip
  • butterfly candles, scented flower candles
  • a fairy doll
  • a fawn
fake flowers spring sensory

 The kiddos loved exploring the contents of the bin and discovering the interesting textures. I always make an effort to include a variety of contrasting textures (soft, hard, rough, smooth, etc) in our sensory activities.

  sensory activity

 The fairy made a few flights around the room and was joined by a firefighter who I'm pretty sure stole a kiss or two. ;)

  exploring the spring
sensory bin 2

Normally I instruct the kids to keep sensory bin contents in the bin, however I knew this one would be quick and easy to clean up so I let them take out what they wanted. I was glad I did, as this led to lots of wonderful imaginative play. Peanut decided that we should dress up like flower fairies by covering ourselves in the paper shred and flower petals. I wish I had gotten a photo of this as he and his friend looked adorable with the green paper shred piled on their heads. I was too caught up in the fun myself to take a picture. I did manage a shot of Peanut standing in a pile of the paper shred and fake flowers. A new and ticklish sensation under his bare feet!

  Standing in the Spring
Themed Sensory Bin

 All wound up from the hilarious time they had dressing as fairies, the kids then got on their hands and knees and crawled about scattering everything all over the floor. This wasn't their way of being little rascals, they were actually pretending to be mess monsters based on a current favorite book, "Mess Monsters in the Garden", by Beth Shoshan. After they had had enough, our little friend took the fairy to the dollhouse and Peanut made me a lovely flower arrangement. The topiary ball, with it's floral foam bottom, was perfect for inserting the fake flowers into.

  spring sensory bin planting
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 This was such a simple bin to put together. I was so pleased that the kids enjoyed it as much as they did and that it inspired so much imaginative play. Bring on spring! Thanks for reading! -Ann

Ann is a stay-at-home mom and operator of a small home daycare. She blogs

at My Nearest and Dearest about simple learning through play

activities for toddlers and preschoolers, parenting, and ways to connect

as a family. You can find her on Pinterest and on Facebook .


I hope you enjoyed this fun sensory activity!  
There is lots more fun over on My Nearest and Dearest.  Be sure to pop over!

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