Mar 9, 2013

Egg Experiment- Two Ways

Here are two fun egg experiments that the kids are sure to love!

Egg experiments for Kids
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Egg Experiment Materials
  • Two Eggs (one hard boiled & one fresh)
  • Two containers with lids
  • Vinegar

The Transparent (or "Naked") Egg Experiment
For the transparent egg experiment you will need an uncooked egg, a container with a lid, and enough vinegar to completely cover the egg.  Carefully place the egg in the container, cover with vinegar, and secure the lid.  Allow the egg to sit for 48 hours while making occasional observations.   Rosie loved checking on the egg to see if anything had changed.    After a few hours we observed the egg bubbling and flipping in the water 

egg experiment

As the egg sits in the vinegar the shell breaks down (or disappears).  This result is due to a reaction similar to baking soda and vinegar.  After 48 hours the egg should look something like this

egg experiment

Give it a quick rinse to reveal a completely shell-less and transparent egg

egg experiment

The egg has a thin membrane of a shell so you can gently squeeze it but be careful- the membrane can break.  Rosie was amazed by the results of the experiment; she couldn't believe we made an actual see through egg. 

egg experiment

Read more on the science behind this experiment here.

The Bouncing Egg Experiment
The bouncing egg experiment is done exactly like the transparent egg experiment, only using a hard boiled egg.  Let the egg sit for 48 hours and make observations every few hours. 

bouncing egg experiment

Remove the egg from the vinegar after two days, and you will be left with a bouncing egg! 

egg experiment

At a glance the egg looks like any other peeled hard boiled egg, but you can bounce it.  Really, you can throw the egg and it will bounce- not as well as a bouncing ball but still very cool!  Rosie had lots of fun tossing her egg to see it bounce. 

Read more on the Science behind the bouncing egg here.

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