Glowing Sensory Bag Play

Yesterday I shared some of the sensory bags I recently made for Rosie and Jewel.  Today, I am sharing a fun twist to the sensory bag concept with glowing sensory bags.

Glowing Sensory Bags for Kids
Glowing Sensory Bags
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SO FUN for kids & all the mess is contained!

I made a variety of glowing sensory bags.  To make this Creepy Crawly Squish Bag, I filled a ziplock bag with clear hair gel that I purchased from The Dollar Tree, and added a touch of regualar glowing water.  You only need a little bit of glow water to make the whole bag glow intensely!  Note- you could make a variety of colored glowing bags this way using rainbow glow water too!

sensory bags

After I mixed the glow water into the hair gel, I added googly eyes in varying sizes and glowing spiders which I purchased at Michaels craft store for $1. 

glowing sensory bags

Then, just secure the end of the ziplock bag with packaging tape to ensure all the mess stays inside!

This was definitely Rosie's favorite glowing sensory bag!

sensory bags

Sensory bags are a great way to explore color mixing so I made a Glowing Color Mixing Sensory Bag using blue and yellow fluorescent paint.  You could also use glow in the dark paint.  They make a variety of colors.

sensory bags

As the bag was squished, the blue and yellow paint mixed together to make green.  

color mixing sensory bag

I loved how you could see the blue and yellow combining right before your eyes!  Paint is a whole lot of fun to squish in a bag too! Try it and you might find it hard to put down!

The girls loved the Soapy Sparkle Sensory Bag we made so much I wanted to make a glowing version. To do that, I filled a ziplock bag with one bottle of dish soap which I purchased at The Dollar Tree.  Then, to make it glow, I added specks of varying glow in the dark paint colors.  I also added glitter and a few pom poms.

sensory bags

This bag was so fun and colorful!

The more it was handled, the more soapy rainbow bubbles would form!

sensory bags

Both girls have had a blast with these sensory bags, and I have had so much fun making them! 

Glowing Sensory Bags- SO FUN!
Glowing sensory bags

If you missed our post yesterday, be sure to check out the other sensory bags we have made!

sensory bags

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