How to Grow Crystals

I love the novelty of this next activity.  We grew jeweled roses!  How cool is that?  We are Growing a Jeweled Rose and we grew actual jeweled roses?  

How to Grow Crystals on Roses
how to grow crystals
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We grew our jeweled roses the same way you make borax snowflakes.  It is really easy and Rosie and Jewel loved watching the jewels form on the roses.

TO make jeweled roses you will need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Borax 
  • Very hot water
  • A pitcher, vase or cup

Adults should handle the materials and set up this Science experiment.  You need very hot water and borax is not safe for children to play with, touch, or ingest.  Borax is a laundry booster and can be found in the laundry aisle of most major department stores or online here .


 Add 3 tablespoons of borax to every cup of very hot water needed to completely cover your pipe cleaner roses.  We used 2 red pipe cleaners and one green pipe cleaner to form our roses.  Hang the roses from a pencil or other long utensil in the borax water.  Be sure that the roses are not touching the bottom or sides of the container.  We wanted to grow several roses so I used a large water pitcher and a cooking spoon.

I did not take any other photos of the process but here is a fantastic video that shows you exactly how to set this project up in full detail.

Now for some beautiful photos of our crystal covered roses

how to grow crystals

how to grow crystals - crystal roses

how to grow crystals

how to grow crystals

You can make an array of different objects out of pipe cleaners and grow your own crystals.  I have seen people make hearts, shamrocks, snowflakes, and even Easter eggs.   However, I am pretty sure we, Growing A Jeweled Rose, were the first to make jeweled roses.  There is just something about this that makes me smile =D

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Growing a Jeweled Rose

Growing A Jeweled Rose

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