Glowing Rainbow Water Beads

Glowing Rainbow Water Beads
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These glowing rainbow gems are SO FUN!

I had tried making glowing rainbow water beads a while ago and it didn't quite work.  Yesterday we shared a NEW glow water recipe that doesn't use highlighters.  We have found so many fun ways to use the new glow water that isn't possible with the original recipe.  These Glowing RAINBOW Water Beads have been our coolest discovery so far!

To make Rainbow Water Gems you will need:

All you have to do to make these amazing gems is soak water beads in the new glowing water.  I was not sure if the glowing rainbow water would color the water beads or not.  I was so pleasantly surprised by the results.  All six water beads colors turned out so vibrant!

Rainbow gems- water beads

gems - Glowing water beads

Making the glowing rainbow water is easy!  All you have to do is mix hot water with a tiny amount of the glow in the dark paint of your choice (Click the link for full tutorial).  You do need to use extra paint when mixing in order for the beads to fill with color.   The more paint you use the more vibrant the beads will be.  Halfway through I decided to add more paint to make the beads REALLY vibrant!

glowing gems - water beads

If you are unfamiliar with water beads they are polymers that fill with water.  They are most commonly used for keeping plants and flowers hydrated.  They can be found in the floral section of Walmart, Michaels, and on Amazon here.  They are a truly amazing sensory material!  (Always supervise babies during play)

Rosie and Jewel have been having lots of fun with these special glowing gems and so have I.  Water beads really are so fun and playing with a rainbow of glowing gems is ULTIMATE water bead FUN!

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