Glowing Pasta Necklaces

We have been having all sorts of fun coming up with new ways to play in the dark this week.  Making glow in the dark pasta necklaces has been one of Rosie's favorites so far!

Making the glowing pasta for the necklaces is very simple and can be used in all sorts of ways.  We made the pasta the same way we made our glowing rice only using pasta in place of the rice.  We used rigatoni noodles.  Note- you can use glowing paint to make UV reactive pasta, or you can use glow in the dark paint to make glow in the dark pasta.  We made some of both.

GLOW in the Dark Pasta & Necklaces
SO FUN for kids!

glow in the dark pasta

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Once dry I set Rosie up with the pasta and some yarn and she had a blast stringing the noodles and making her own glowing necklaces.

glowing pasta necklaces

I tied a pipe cleaner to the end of the yarn for Rosie to use as a threading needle.  You could use any string for this, but we happened to have yarn.  Threading the noodles is great for fine motor development

glowing pasta

Rosie made several necklaces and can't wait to make more!

glowing play for kids

This glow in the dark pasta can be used in all sorts of ways, too.  Use it for arts and crafts, sensory play, sorting, counting, and more!

Glowing pasta necklaces

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