Ice and Water Kids Activity


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We had lots of fun exploring with our ice block after we were done with our ice and salt experiment the other day.  If you missed that post you can find the experiment details as well as all the information on how we made our polar ice block here.  

For this activity I filled
a plastic tub with warm water and placed our salt covered ice block inside the tub.  Rosie immediately began exploring, taking note of the difference in temperature between the ice and the water.  

Ice and Water

As the ice melted the objects frozen inside the ice swirled into the tub of water.  As this happened we talked about how and why the ice was melting.

Ice and Water

Rosie loved picking the objects out of the ice

Ice and Water

Once all the glitter and sparkly objects were free from the ice, the tub of water was so beautiful!  It also smelled just like a candy cane because of the drops of peppermint extract I had added to the water prior to freezing the ice block.

Ice and Water

Rosie continued to explore the ice
Ice and Water

As she played I asked her to make simple observations:
  Is the ice getting smaller? 
 Is the water getting cooler?  
As the ice is melting, is the water level getting higher in the plastic tub?

This was a great way to extend our ice block into another activity! 

 Exploring with ice and water is virtually free and there is so much to be learned- so much fun to be had!

More on the Science behind ice and water can be found here.

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