Cake Dough- A New Sensory Material

We love cloud dough!  It is so fun and there are so many ways you can make it.  However, when I thought of this next idea I was beyond excited.  This material looks and feels LUST LIKE cloud dough only it is ready-made.  No mixing.  No gathering of ingredients.  One ingredient cloud dough!

One Ingredient Cloud Dough

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This dough is exactly like could dough in consistency!  It is mold-able and silky between your fingers.  It  is wonderful, and it is SO EASY.

When this idea came to me I was actually a bit surprised I hadn't thought of it sooner.  We have been adding scent and color to cloud dough to create a variety of sensory materials for a while now.  To make the varying cloud doughs you need a variety of materials- spices, extracts, flour, and oil.  But for this dough you only need one ingredient!  

Have you guessed what it is yet?

Cake mix!  That's it!  Just cake mix!  Unlike with cloud dough , you do not need to add oil! You do not need to add scent or color either.  Cake mix is less than $1 at Walmart and comes in a variety of flavors and scents, giving you all kinds of sensory doughs for your little ones to play and explore with.

All you have to do is open a box of the cake mix of your choice and place it in a sensory bin or similar container.  Give your child cookie cutters, cupcake pans, a few spoons, and let them play and explore!  If your child tastes some of the cake dough, that is totally fine- it is 100% edible after all!  Here are a few of the cake doughs we currently have for Rosie and Jewel.

This stuff really feels just like cloud dough.  It is even a little more mold-able!

Combine flavors or add glitter for even more fun!  

Strawberry & vanilla cake mix with glitter

Here I added heart cups and bowls- this is going to be one of our Valentine's Day Sensory bins.

I purchased six cake mixes for under $5 at Walmart!  There are tons more flavors available, too!  Mix and match to create unique scents.  Give your child scoopers and let them open up their own ice cream parlor or sweet shop.  There are so many fun ways to play with these cake doughs!  

When not in use store them in ziplock bags to be used again and again!

We keep all our sensory materials as long as possible and store them for future use.  We only toss stuff once it is soiled or just in need of being replaced.

child guided play space

Cake Dough!  So FUN!

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