DIY Glowing Christmas Tree Lanterns

DIY Christmas Tree Lanterns
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These Glowing Christmas Tree Lanterns were inspired by the Glowing Pumpkin Jars we made around Halloween time!  We made them exactly the same way only we used a Christmas tree jar instead of a mason jar.

To make a Christmas Tree Lantern you will need:

~  A Christmas tree jar ( we found ours at The Dollar Tree last holiday season- I've also seen them at 
~  A green glow stick (The Dollar Tree, Walmart,  or Michaels Craft Store)
~  Holiday stickers

I didn't take any pictures of the assembly process this time but  full in depth details including safety and assembly can be found here.  

I assembled the Christmas tree after Rosie had decorated the tree using the holiday stickers. 
DIY Christmas Tree Lanterns

These Glowing Christmas Tree Lanterns make a fun night light!  They are also great for parties or to illuminate your front porch at night!

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