Homemade Eucalyptus Paint Recipe

Is it just me or does it seem like little ones are stuffed up ALL WINTER long?  I know my girls are.  The soothing eucalyptus rice we made the other day has really been helping open up Rosie and Jewel's airways allowing them to breath better.  So, I have been brainstorming other ways we might add eucalyptus into our Winter play.  Rosie and Jewel paint daily so that seemed like a fitting place to start.

Soothing Homemade Eucalyptus Paint
Soothing eucalyptus paint is easy to make and perfect for the colder months

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I went about this the super easy way and simply added a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to some of the green tempera paint we already had on hand.  You only need a few drops of essential oil to have a super scented & soothing paint.  If you don't have any paint on hand you could make your own paint from scratch and simply add a little eucalyptus oil.  We have used this recipe to make our own paint in the past, and it works great!

I used an empty baby food jar to mix the paint so that we would have some already mixed when we wanted it.

homemade paint recipe

When Rosie and Jewel are stuffed up and we are getting ready to paint I just ration out a bit of the eucalyptus paint along with some of their other washable tempera paint colors

homemade paint recipe

You could also just add a drop of eucalyptus oil to your paint and mix it up before each painting session.

Soothing homemade paint recipe

If you do not have eucalyptus essential oil you can find it here or at most pharmacies and major department stores.  The bottle we have has lasted a really long time.  We still have ours from last year and use it often in the Winter months.

Other ways to use eucalyptus essential oil in Winter play:

Therapeutic Sensory Play with Eucalyptus Rice
Simply add it to the bath or create a Rainforest Themed Bath

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