Jolly Jello Christmas Sensory Activity

It was a wet and rainy day here the other day and by early morning the girls were already BORED!  So I scoured the kitchen for something fun to keep them entertained.  JELLO was the answer!  I whipped up a few boxes and by the time Rosie and Jewel woke up from their nap I had a tub of Jolly Jello ready for play!

Jolly Jello
Jolly Jello Kids Activity
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During the colder months and when it is raining we do our sensory play in the bath tub.  An empty tub makes a perfect vessel for sensory activities.  The tub contains the mess and all surrounding surfaces are easy to wipe clean. 

I used a combination of green and red jello for this Christmas activity because I happened to have both on hand, but you could use one color if you prefer or if you only have one. Once the jello was ready I spooned it directly into the bath.  I wiped and sanitized the bath first but you could also spoon the jello into a sensory bin and play with it in the bath that way or play with it anywhere you don't mind a bit of mess. I tossed in whatever jolly items I had on hand- mostly stuff purchased from The Dollar Tree to use in sensory play last year.

Both girls had lots of fun exploring the jolly jello!

Christmas Activities- Jolly Jello sensory play

Setting up the messy activity in the tub allowed them to explore freely in a large space

Christmas Activities- Jolly Jello sensory play

As they played we slowly added small amounts of water to the tub, giving them a whole new sensory exploration each time!

Christmas Activities- Jolly Jello sensory play

This was such a simple way to keep the girls entertained on a rainy day & the total cost of the fun was only a dollar!  It was a great way to begin building excitement for the holidays, too.

The best part- once play was over everything washed right down the drain! I just turned on the water for bath time, leaving the drain unplugged, and as the warm water mixed with the jello it turned to liquid and went right down the plug.  Then I gave the girls a quick bath to get clean.

We use the bath for play in all sorts of ways!  For lots of bath play inspiration check out my bath play collection as well as my new site, Bath Activities for

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Christmas Activities- Jolly Jello sensory play
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