Christmas Liquid WaterColor Recipes

These Christmas scented liquid watercolors are so easy to make and smell AMAZING!

Christmas recipes- watercolors
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We made three different watercolors and have found so many fun ways to use them!

Peppermint Scented Liquid Watercolor Recipe:

~  Green or red food coloring (We used green because we wanted a variety of colors- We buy ours at 
     The Dollar Tree)
~  Peppermint Extract (found in most spice aisles)
~  Water

Mix a few drops of food coloring and extract into a spray bottle of water.  I made the watercolors in spray bottles because there are so many fun ways to use them and they double as great storage containers.  Any spray bottle will do but we use these easy trigger bottles.  They are the right size for little hands and are very easy to pull.  

watercolors- Christmas recipes

Anytime we want to use our watercolors to paint with a brush or in any other way I will just pour the watercolors into a muffin tin, bowl, or droppers, etc

Christmas Sugar Cookie Liquid Watercolor Recipe:

~  Brown food coloring (We purchased ours in the baking/ cake aisle of Walmart)
~  Vanilla Extract 
~  Water

Mix a few drops of vanilla extract, food coloring, and water together in a spray bottle.
Watercolors- Christmas recipes

Cinnamon Liquid Watercolor Recipe:

~  Red food coloring
~  Cinnamon Essential Oil or Cinnamon spice
~  Water

Mix a few drops of food coloring and Cinnamon Essential Oil into a spray bottle of water.  If you don't have the essential oil you can use cinnamon spice BUT you will need to strain the spice from the water once mixed.  Be sure to shake the bottle well before straining to infuse the water.  Also be mindful of allowing the cinnamon scented watercolor to come in constant direct contact with skin.   While we have had no problem with the cinnamon watercolors, cinnamon can cause skin irritation.  The essential oil is made for skin so may be the best option.

Christmas recipes- watercolors

Stay tuned to see all the creative and FUN ways we have found to use our Christmas liquid watercolors.  In the meantime, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Simply Paint with Them like Tinkerlab
Add Salt or Bubble Wrap like The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Lots more ideas are on the way!

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