Apple Bath Time FUN

Apple bath time fun- bubbles, paint, and more!

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We LOVE bath time and have found so many ways to make it FUN! Now that Rosie is a little older we are beginning to incorporate more learning into our activities.  For this apple themed bath I painted a tree on our bath wall using washable tempera paint.  It took just a few moments and washed right off after play.  While the tree was drying I took foam apple shapes I purchased from Michaels craft store and wrote the letters of the alphabet on them using black sharpie.

Then I filled the tub with bubbles and painted an apple on the bubbles using our pumpkin bubble recipe only with an apple scent.  I also whipped up a batch of apple scented bath paint. 

Apple Bath Paint Recipe
  • Shaving cream
  • Red food coloring or washable watercolors
  • Apple pie spice
Mix all ingredients in a bowl, adding red coloring and apple spice until you have reached the desired color & scent

The bath paint was definitely Rosie's favorite part!

 This is what the bath looked like when Rosie walked in

As soon as Rosie climbed into the bath she peeled all of the letters off of the tree and then began putting them back on.  That was not my initial plan but I loved watching her "create" her very own tree of letters.  

Apple Bath Time fun

Even though there was no order to where she put the letters she was very particular about it, thinking about each apple's place on the tree.

As Rosie placed the alphabet apples on the tree we talked about each letter and reviewed it's phonetic sound.  Then we practiced letter recognition with a fun I Spy Alphabet Game!

  I would ask Rosie if she could find a certain letter and she would paint it once she found it

She loved hunting for the letters and then painting them. The apple letter painting was my initial plan when setting up the bath so I was pleased to see it go over so well.  

Rosie also loved the smell of the apple scented bath paint.  The whole room smelled amazing by the time she was done finding and painting all the letters.  And of course she had lots of fun painting the walls and bath too!

Once bath time was over everything washed right down the drain!  Just be sure to use washable paint to paint the tree.  If you ever have any residual coloring from play times like this just use a spray bottle of bleach directly on the stain and it will lift right out.  

Even if you aren't keen on painting a tree on your bath wall you could still enjoy apple bubble bath and paint!  Both are super simple to make and so fun!    


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