Scented Sand- Tons of Ways to Play

Today we made scented sand art pumpkins.  Rosie had lots of fun!  While she created the scented sand art, I kept Jewel busy with a pumpkin sand sensory bin.  For both of these activities you will first need to make scented sand.

How to Make Scented Sand
Easy to make pumpkin scented sand for amazing Fall sensory play

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Making scented sand is really easy.  All you have to do is take the scent of your choice and mix it into play sand.  You can use a variety of pantry items to scent your sand including kool-aid, spices, extracts, and more.  You can use regular play sand or colored play sand.  We have made scented sand both ways.  If you use uncolored sand you can add your own color using homemade powdered paint.  Given that we are in the midst of Fall, today we used pumpkin spice to make orange and black pumpkin scented sand.

scented sand
No need to measure.  Just sprinkle in enough pumpkin pie spice to make the sand smell just like pumpkin pie.  This sand is great for sensory play but also for arts and crafts.  We used a bit of our black sand to make scented sand art pumpkins.  Rosie had so much fun with this activity!  

Materials needed to make scented sand art pumpkins:
  • Glue  
  • Orange and green construction paper 
  • Black sand (purchased at Michaels Craft Store for $2)
  • Pumpkin pie spice 

Cut the construction paper into circles.  Use the school glue to create pumpkin faces on the construction paper.

Scented sand art activity for kids

Kids LOVE glue and the squeezing is great for fine motor development

Pour the scented sand onto the construction paper

Scented sand art activity for kids

Then shake it around, covering the glue with scented sand

Scented sand art activity for kids

Once dry add stems

Scented Sand Art

Rosie created one pumpkin on her own and we created one together

While Rosie and I were busy with this activity I kept Jewel busy with a spooky sand scented sensory bin (say that 5 times fast)

Scented sand

She had lots of fun exploring, and once Rosie was done with her artwork, both girls played together!

Pumpkin Sand- Smells just like pumpkin pie!

We have lots of other ideas for scented sand play, too!
Be sure to check back with us!

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