Halloween Sensory Bag Fun

Rosie and Jewel loved all the sensory bags we have made in the past.  They played with the last batch so much it was finally time to toss them.  So I made a few more fun sensory bags, this time with a Halloween theme!

Halloween Sensory Bag Fun!

Halloween fun with sensory bags

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I had a lot of fun putting together the melting witch sensory bag!
Halloween activities Sensory bags Halloween fun

Melting Witch Sensory Bag:
  • one zip-lock bag
  • one bottle of clear hair gel  from the Dollar Tree
  • 2 squishy eye balls from Michaels
  • black yarn for the hair and mouth
  • a witch finger for the nose
  • A small felt witch hat from Michaels
  • green food coloring
(You could easily alter the materials used to make this based on what you have on hand)

Fill the zip-lock bag with the hair gel.  Add a couple drops of food coloring and mix well by squishing the bag.  Then add all the witch parts.

Rosie especially loves this sensory bag!

Sensory bags

She loves squishing all the parts around to form the witches face. 

Sensory bags

Each time she is finished making the face, we squish the bag and mix all the parts up.  Then she goes at it all over again.  This is great for fine motor development and hand-eye coordination!

Goblin Guts Sensory Bag

Halloween activities Sensory bags Halloween fun

To make this sensory bag I re-purposed some of the pasta from when we played with goblin guts the other day.  I have yet to write a post about that but it was similar to our alphabet pasta play only with a Halloween theme. 

Goblin Guts Sensory Bag
  • zip-lock bag
  • cooked pasta
  • green food coloring
  • eye balls, spiders, snakes (anything you think will make good goblin guts)
  • Clear hair gel
  • clear packaging tape
Mix the pasta with a couple drops of green food coloring in a bowl.  Allow several minutes to dry.  However, don't wait too long.  You don't want the noodles to dry out.  Once dry mix the green pasta with all other ingredients in a zip-lock bag.  Then just secure the bag with clear packaging tape.  

Both Rosie and Jewel have loved the Goblin Guts sensory bag!

Halloween activities Sensory bags Halloween fun

The pasta and hair gel feel so funny together!

Halloween activities Sensory bags Halloween fun

Squishy, Gooey, oh so fun!

The goblin guts sensory bag will only last about a week due to the pasta but it was a great way to make use of some of the pasta after another activity.  Note- we keep it in the fridge while it is not being played with.  

Halloween sensory bags = frugal fun!

Sensory bags are a simple and fun way for little ones to explore materials.  They also allow for safe exploration of materials really young children would otherwise not be able to play with.

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