Make Glowing Lanterns

Making glow lanterns is a simple and fun activity that we do often.  All you need to make glowing lanterns are glow sticks and recycled glass jars or mason jars.  Only mom or dad should handle the glow stick as the contents inside are not safe for kids. After you activate the glow stick of your choice carefully cut it and pour the contents into the jar.

Once the glow stick is emptied into the jar, secure the lid and shake shake shake!  Then kids can embellish their lanterns with stickers, glow in the dark paint, sequins, etc.  Since it was near Halloween we made these lanterns GLOWING pumpkin lanterns!

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These glow in the dark jack-o-lanterns made a fun night light for the girls and would also be lots of fun for a Halloween party.  We will be making a few more to use on our porch on Halloween night as well!  Glowing lanterns are also lots of fun in the Summer minus the cute pumpkin faces.  You can make a rainbow of colors and decorate them all sorts of ways!

I put the pumpkin faces on for the girls since they are still so small but actually recommend a parent handling the glow stick materials regardless of a child's age.  Then, once the glow jar is assembled, an older child can decorate the pumpkin face.  Just be sure they know to keep the jar sealed!

glowing pumpkin jars

We used a sticker pumpkin decorating kit we found at The Dollar Tree to decorate our jars but you could use foam pieces or construction paper and a glue stick.

Out of all the glowing lanterns we have made, these have been the favorite so far!

glowing pumpkin jars glow in the dark

Glow in the Dark Jack-o-lanterns

glowing pumpkin jars Halloween fun
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