Glowing Mad Science Jars

Have you seen all the growing toys that are out on the market now?  We had a lot of fun growing giant snakes and fish in our pool this past Summer.  As soon as I saw all the Halloween themed growing toys I knew we had to find a way to have fun with them!

MAD Science Jars

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Grow toys can be found at a variety of stores including the Dollar Tree, Michaels, and Target.  They can also be purchased online here.  We found the Halloween specific variety at Michaels.  At just a dollar each they are quite a steal! 

Since Halloween is near I thought it would be fun to put the grow toys in mason jars for some growing mad Science!  To give our Mad Science Jars more of a spooky appeal I filled them with glow water. 

 Here is what the Mad Science jars look like with the lights on

 These are so fun just like this!  

They make great Halloween decor for the home, and Rosie has loved checking the jars each day to see if the objects have grown

Glowing Mad Science jars Halloween fun

Once you turn the lights out and the blacklight on, the effects get even better!

These would be lots of fun at a Halloween party, especially if you are setting up a spooky haunted house!

Rosie has been having so much fun with her MAD Science Jars, and the total cost for the project was $5.  We used four grow toys and two highlighters to make the glow water.  You could also use tonic water in place of glow water.  Tonic glows a COOL blue under blacklight.  To make mad science jars that glow in the dark use glow in the dark water.

Make it a lesson in ScienceGiven Rosie's age we did this activity just for fun, but there is a lot of Science to be learned here.  You can read more about the Science behind these fun toys on the Steve Spangler Science page.

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