Glowing GOOP & Halloween Activity

This glowing GOOP is so easy to make, and lots of FUN! 

Glow in the dark GOOP is easy to make and TONS of FUN!  This recipe also makes a great goblin goo for Halloween

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I wanted the girls to get to explore freely so I mixed the glowing goop up in the tub.  This contained the mess and made it really easy to clean.  It also gave Rosie and Jewel a large space to play.  Since it was close to Halloween I added lots of silly spooky type things to give us a good GOBLIN GOO

glowing goop

glowing goop

Halloween Goblin GOO- so FUN!

The girls had so much fun exploring!

Glowing Goblin Goo Halloween activity

Glowing Goblin Goo Halloween activity

Filling the bath with the goo allowed for the girls to explore freely with their whole bodies.  I love that all the mess was contained and easy to clean.  All I had to do was turn on the water once they were done and the Goblin goo washed right down the drain (Just let the water run for a bit to make sure all the goop is out of your pipes)

To make Glowing Goblin Goo you will need:

  • Corn starch
  • Water
  • One of the following three ingredients
       Glowing Water
       Glow in the dark paint
       Fluorescent paint

If using glow water, slowly mix the glow water into the corn starch until you have reached the desired consistency.  You should be able to pick up the goo and then have it turn to a liquid in your hand. Once the goo is mixed, toss in eye balls, snakes, spiders, and whatever else you think a good Goblin Goo would consist of.  

If you use fluorescent or glow in the dark paint to make your glowing GOO just add a bit of the paint to your corn starch and regular water mixture as you are mixing the ingredients.  Glow in the dark paint will make your GOOP glow in the dark.  Fluorescent paint will make it glow under blacklight.  If using fluorescent paint you can also make RAINBOW Goop.

glowing recipes

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