Fall Pumpkin Scented Painting Activity

Rosie has been having so much fun with the pumpkin scented cloud dough we made the other day.  So,  I thought it would be fun to see what else we could give a pumpkin scent to.  We have tried all sorts of things but one of my favorites so far was the Pumpkin Scented Paint we made!

Pumpkin Scented art -Fun Fall Activity

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Making pumpkin scented paint couldn't be more simple.  Just mix some pumpkin pie spice into orange paint, stirring really well.  Pumpkin spice can be found in the spice aisle of most major stores. I did not measure.  I just kept adding more until the paint smelled just like pumpkin pie.  

Pumpkin Scented paint Fall activity

Rosie and Jewel had a special surprise visit from Elmo today and they had lots of fun painting together! 

(Shh!  Don't tell Rosie and Jewel but Elmo is actually one of their closest friends in costume)

Both Elmo and Rosie the pirate were really into painting with the pumpkin scented paint!

Pumpkin Scented paint Fall activity

Pumpkin Scented paint Fall activity

Jewel was really "into" the paint too but not quite in the same way

Hmm, maybe painting in Halloween costumes/dress ups wasn't such a good idea.

Once the girls used ALL the pumpkin paint we left our pumpkins to dry and went and did lots of other fun things.  Then, Rosie decorated her pumpkins with  faces later in the day. 

Pumpkin Scented paint Fall activity

Here is our finished scented pumpkin art!

Pumpkin Scented art
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I hung the scented pumpkins at Rosie's level so that she can go up and smell them.  She LOVES the smell of pumpkin but who doesn't right?

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