15 Pumpkin Play Activities for Kids

Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!  In the Fall, it is all about the pumpkins.  Everything has to taste like pumpkin.  There are hundreds of pumpkin flavored recipes floating around on Pinterest to make sure of that.  There are just as many pumpkin decorating ideas.  Then there is the carving.  You can carve just about anything into a pumpkin.

But what about the play?  Are there lots of ways to play with a pumpkin?  Of course there are!

 15 Fun Pumpkin Play Activities
15 super creative ways to play with pumpkins

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Erupting Pumpkins
AKA puking pumpkins- kids love this fun twist on the vinegar and baking soda experiment  

pumpkin play activities- erupting pumpkins

Pumpkin Gut Sensory Play 
The inside of the pumpkin is glorious and makes for fantastic messy play

pumpkin play activities - pumpkin guts
from Kids Play ideas

Seriously, what kid wouldn't LOVE this?

pumpkin play activities - pumpkin sensory
from Childhood Beckons

Pumpkin GOOP 
Fabulous messy fun using the insides

pumpkin activities- pumpkin GOOP
from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

BOO Bowling
Fun and adorable, right?  Love the pumpkin bowling ball!

pumpkin activities and games- pumpkin bowling
from Jeanetics

 Pumpkin Rolling Contest 
A fun game with the perfect Fall twist

pumpkin play
from Cannon Connections

Make a Smoking Pumpkin
A bit of Science and a whole lot of FUN!

Halloween smoking pumpkin Jack O' Lantern with Dry Ice
from Dry Ice & Gases Co

pumpkin play activities - pumpkin toss
 from Herald Review 

Pumpkin Potato Head
Such a cute idea!  What kid wouldn't love this?

pumpkin potato head
 like this one from 2 Paws Designs

Pumpkin Potions
My little one had a BLAST playing pumpkin potion master as she mixed her own MAGICAL concoctions

Magical Pumpkin Potions- a FUN activity for Fall.  Let your little ones play pumpkin potion master as they mix their own MAGICAL concoctions

What is more fun than getting in costume?  Dressing up those pumpkins!

pumpkin dress up
 from A Blonde, a Burnette, and a Redhead.

 Pumpkin turned Princess Castle
Are you kidding?  What little girl wouldn't LOVE this?

Cinderella pumpkin
from Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Invite all of your child's favorite friends, find a beautiful Fall tree and have a tea party to remember!

 pumpkin teapot

like this one from Here Come the Girls

Pumpkin House
Fabulous imaginative play for Fall

pumpkin play house
from Good Housekeeping 

Create Pumpkin Art
I know a few pumpkins who would love this

pumpkin play art
from Putti's World!

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin
a fun Fall version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey

pumpkin activities
form Make and Takes

Grow a Pumpkin in a Pumpkin
I love this Science activity- a great lesson on the life cycle

from Life with Moore Babies

Pumpkin Ring Toss
A simple game the kids will LOVE!

Fall activity- Pumpkin ring toss

15 Super fun ways to play with pumpkins
I hope these playtimes help you make the most of pumpkin season. 

15 super fun ways to PLAY with pumpkins
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