Tin Can Backyard Band

I have had a few readers inquire about the tin cans they could see hanging in the background of pictures from other activities we have shared.  Now I am wondering why I never shared this before.  We created a music station for Rosie and Jewel using recycled tin cans.

Back Yard Tin Can Band
Tin can music toy
DIY Music Station

 To make our music station Rosie painted the cans using washable tempera paint.  That is what we had on hand, but outdoor acrylic paint would really be ideal. Once the paint was dry, I used outdoor Mod Podge over the paint to prevent it from coming off.  So far, this has worked great!  Then, I strung the cans together using floral wire and pony beads.  To do this, I nailed holes in the cans, strung the floral wire through the holes, and used a pony bead on the underside of the can to secure the floral wire.

I also added medal key chain loops I had left over from another project to the inside pieces of floral wire so that when Rosie banged on the cans, the medal loops would hit the inner sides of the cans and make noise.  I then hung the strings of tin cans to our deck using utility rope I purchased at The Dollar Tree. 

Rosie loves her Tin Can Backyard Band!  Every time we are outside, she grabs one of the sticks from her mud pie kitchen, and delights in making music.

She has had a lot of fun with this, and it is made from 100% recyclable materials.  I love that we turned "trash" into a fun toy.

I plan to add to this music station over time too!
Tin Can Outdoor Music Station

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