Sensory Pools for Summer

We love our sensory baths so much, we thought it would be fun to take them outside this Summer, and create sensory pools.  I have been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather so that I could begin creating these fun pools for the girls.  Taking the sensory bath idea outside would surly create a whole new experience.  

It was finally warm enough the other day to create our first sensory pool.  Since we just enjoyed our Ocean Themed Sensory Bath the night before, and I wanted to get as much use out of the pasta from that as possible, I created an Ocean themed sensory pool as our very first sensory pool experience.  The girls loved it, and it will surely be one of many sensory pools to come this Summer!

Sensory Pools

To create this pool, I simply tossed the pasta I used from our Ocean bath into the pool.  The pasta is meant to act as seaweed and other plant life found in the ocean.  Then I tossed in a variety of sea creatures, hiding them throughout the pasta.  I did not dye the water for this sensory pool just because the pool is already the color of the ocean, but I did scent the water using the ocean mist bath fragrance I used for the Ocean Bath

The girls had lots of fun!

One thing I really loved about this is that the girls could explore as much as they wanted throughout the day.  I left the pool set up all afternoon.  Both girls returned to explore the pool often, and had great fun!

Jewel loved using the pasta to splash the water! 

Rosie loved digging for the sea creatures, just as she had in the bath.

"Look mommy, I found a star fish!"

She also loved gathering the pasta and throwing it back in.

This was such a fun water activity to have set up.  It made swimming even more fun, and brought new life to one of the girls favorite activities, themed sensory baths

  We will be recreating many of our themed baths as sensory pools this Summer.  I also can't wait to create new sensory pools that we have never explored before. I think Rosie will be really excited each time she sees a new sensory pool set up. I already have so many ideas that I think both girls will love.

  Happy Summer everyone! 

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