Beautiful Confetti Play Dough

Rosie has attended quite a lot of birthday parties over the last few months. .  All of her friends birthday's happen to be clustered together, and she has since been a bit obsessed with the yearly celebration.  She randomly sings Happy Birthday, and asks to make and eat cupcakes often.  When she asked me for some birthday cupcakes today, I thought we would embrace her interest, and make some pretend birthday cupcakes.

As Rosie ate her lunch, I gathered the materials together to create this fun playtime.

Play dough, kitchen gadgets, muffin tins, and confetti eggs.

Once I finally found confetti eggs over Easter, I stocked up, and bought several dozen.  I found them at AC Moore for just a few dollars a dozen.  I thought they would make a lovely addition to our pretend play cupcake making.   The confetti eggs were definitely Rosie's favorite part of this play activity.  Well that, and singing happy birthday .

She cracked a whole dozen eggs, and then asked for more.

The confetti looked so beautiful mixed in the pink dough.   After Rosie cracked nearly two dozen eggs we had Confetti play dough which is especially perfect for baking pretend play treats!

Rosie also loved throwing the confetti in the air!

Rosie played with the confetti for a bit and then she was ready to begin rolling out the dough.

Cutting it up

Adding birthday candles

I didn't even think to use the brick oven from our mud pie kitchen to cook our cupcakes, but Rosie sure did!  Once we sang happy birthday and made a few wishes, Rosie said she needed to put them in the oven.  Of course, how could mommy forget that.

We made a few batches of birthday cupcakes.  Mommy had fun making some too.  Rosie always loves when mommy plays along with her which is great because otherwise people may find my playing along a bit odd.  What can I say? I am a kid at heart.

The best part, we now have beautiful confetti filled play dough to use any time Rosie requests to make birthday cupcakes!

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