Goop and Ice Sensory Activity

The other day while Rosie was exploring our Mad Science Lab, she discovered the amazing combination of GOOP and ice.  I can't believe I never thought to combine the two.  If you are not familiar with GOOP, it is an amazing sensory substance, acting as both a liquid and a solid interchangeably. Read more on goop and learn how to make it.

If you are familiar with goop, then you already know how fun it is to explore.  Adding the ice created a whole new sensory activity.

GOOP & ICE Sensory Activity

I used frozen tempera paint ice cubes rather than colored water ice, just because we already had some ready to go in the freezer.  I loved how vibrant the paint ice was!

 I initially added a touch less water to the goop than I normally would so the goop would not get overly watered down once the ice began to melt.  

The textures of the two materials together was amazing.  Holding an ice cube while goop transforms from a solid to a liquid is quite a sensation.

goop and ice sensory activity

The goop looked so neat as it slowly slid from the ice

goop and ice sensory activity

Rosie couldn't keep her hands out of it

goop and ice sensory activity

And neither could mommy

I loved how vibrant the paint ice was!  

As we played , the paint and goop swirled together, creating beautiful patterns.  This gave the goop experience a whole other element

goop and ice sensory activity

goop and ice sensory activity

Not only was this playtime amazing to explore with our sense of touch.  It was quite beautiful to look at too! We will definitely be doing this sensory activity often this Summer! I am so glad Rosie discovered this fun combination.

Goop amd ice sensory activity

Fun Summer Sensory Play

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