St. Patrick's Day Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are such a fun way to let children explore.  They can easily be stored and brought out for play, and you can make one out of just about anything.  Rosie and Jewel love them, and they are so simple to put together.  All it takes is a little creativity and a walk around your home to gather materials.

St. Patrick's Themed Sensory Bin  

All of the materials for this St. Patrick's themed sensory bin came from The Dollar Tree.  We already had the items on hand for use in other activities too.  For this bin I used feathers, gold coins, shamrocks, necklaces, and beads.

St.Patrick's Activity for Kids

Jewel and Rosie both dug right in!

sensory bin for St. Patrick's Day

Rosie loved the way the feathers danced in the air
St. Patrick's Day activity for kids

Giving the girls a small space like this to play in is a great way to encourage sharing.  Rosie is slowly getting better.

St. Patrick's Day

Fun with the magnifying glass

Jewel loved playing with the beads.  I love how babies are often in awe and enthralled with the simplest things.

Rosie and Jewel have had so much fun with this sensory bin.  I am looking forward to making a Spring themed one once St. Patrick's Day is over.  Hmm, maybe one with dirt and artificial flowers for some fun pretend play.  Easter is right around the corner as well.  With another holiday comes new inspirations.  The possibilities are endless.....

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