Glow in the Dark Doodle Paint Recipe

Here is a super simple and incredibly FUN paint recipe the kids will love.
We have made this paint several times, and it is always a big hit.
Glow in the Dark Doodle Paints- easy to make and SO FUN!

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Doodle paint is really fun for kids to create with, and it really could not be easier to make or more frugal. The texture of the paint allows kids to easily doodle and draw fun works of art.

Glow in the dark doodle paint recipe

Kids LOVE squeezing the bottles of paint to make fun creations.
Glow in the dark doodle paint recipe

Have kids doodle on wax paper, and when their creations are dry you will be left with fun window clings

You can make regular doodle paint using food coloring or glow in the dark doodle paint.

Glow in the Dark doodle paint recipe (affiliate links provided)
All you need to do to make this FUN paint is add a touch of the glowing paint of your choice to white school glue and mix.  I find it helps to use a long object to stir the glue before putting on the cap.  Then you can give the bottles to the kids and have them shake them up.  You can mix the glue and paint in squeeze bottles like we did (we buy our glue in bulk) or you could add a tiny amount of paint directly to the bottles of glue like we have in the past.

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SO FUN for arts, crafts, and sensory play!
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