Glowing Oil & Ice Experiment

We still had some glowing ice left in the freezer from the glowing ice painting activity we shared this Summer, so we used it to set up another fun glowing Science experiment.  This was just one more FUN way to explore the liquid densities of oil and water, or in this case, ice.

Glowing Oil & Ice Experiment
Amazing Science experiment for Kids and all you need is oil and ice

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Exploring with oil and ice is such magical Science.  Rosie is always captivated by it and so is Jewel.  This activity also makes for some frugal FUN which is always a bonus!

Glowing Oil & Ice Materials List  (affiliate links provided)
Begin by making a tray of glowing ice.  We used both glow in the dark and florescent paint to give us a variety of colors.  To make the ice all you have to do is add a very small amount of the glowing paint of your choice to the bottom of an ice cube tray.  Then fill with hot water and mix well.  Pop in the freezer and in 4-6 hours you will have amazingly glowing ice.  You can also add glow sticks for an added element of fun

glowing ice painting

Don't forget, if you use glow in the dark paint to make your ice you will want to hold it up to a light source for a minute before play.

Fill a small tray or pan with the oil of your choice.  We prefer to use baby oil because it is clear but close supervision is needed.  Baby oil is not safe to drink, inhale, or ingest.  If you have concerns please use vegetable oil.  Place the ice in the oil and the FUN can begin!

Amazing Science for Kids that explores liquid densities in a SUPER FUN way

As the ice melts the water will bead up in the oil

Rosie loved swirling the ice around as it melted to create neat effects

This activity was filled with sensory exploration, art, and Science.  Not a bad way to spend time on a day stuck indoors, and all you need is oil and ice!

Explore liquid densities with this fun kid Science experiment

Happy Playing!

For younger children you may want to try making lava lamp sensory bags.  This is the same fun Science presented in a different way.  These let little ones explore this fun Science while keeping the oil out of actual reach.  Pretty cool!

Lava lamp sensory bags

Click the photos below for more FUN ways to explore with oil and water

Summer experiment with oil and iceGlow in the dark experiments for Kids using oil and water
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