Homemade Scented Bubble Recipes

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Rosie and Jewel love playing with bubbles, and I am always trying to come up with new recipes and activities for them.  Today, I combined a few basic household ingredients to make homemade colored & scented bubbles.
Homemade Bubbles
Easy homemade bubble recipes
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What could make bubbles more fun than they already are?  Adding color and scent of course!  These bubbles are great for traditional bubble blowing, using as a paint, and for creating bubble prints & bubble art.

Homemade Colored Bubbles (affiliate links provided)


Combine the water and karo syrup in a bowl and mix well.  Then add the remaining ingredients and gently mix.  Add bubble wands, and the fun can begin

Easy homemade bubble recipes

I made three different types of colored & scented bubbles.  For scenting the bubbles I used vanilla, orange, and strawberry extract from my pantry.  You could also use varying essential oils.  This bubble recipe is great for traditional bubble blowing, and it also makes a fabulous paint

Easy homemade bubble recipes

Kids can use brushes to paint their paper, or they can blow bubbles onto their paper to make bubble prints and bubble art.  The bubbles will land on the paper and then pop to make neat effects & designs. 

Easy homemade bubble recipes

Easy homemade bubble recipes
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The bubbles smelled wonderful as they floated through the air, and they were really colorful on paper which made for really neat art creations.

Any way kids play they are sure to have a blast!  

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