Ways to Play in the Snow

There are so many fun ways for kids to play in the snow.  We have gotten quite a bit of the white stuff this Winter and have really tried to make the most of it.   Here are all of the fun ways we have played including games, art activities, Science, and more!

Snow Play Activities for Kids
25 SUPER FUN ways to play in the snow- so many neat ideas!
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Fun Ways for Kids to Play in the Snow

How to make a snow volcano- what a FUN way to play in the snow!

Paint with MAGIC Snow Paint
Have a treasure hunt with Snow Jewels

Make snow jewels for Winter play

Paint WITH Snow by transforming a bit into an easy to make paint
Use the Snow as a Canvas and try scented snow painting

Kool-aid snow paint is super vibrant and smells amazing which makes it even more fun for kids
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Play with Glow Sticks in the Snow
Build with Ice Legos
Make Snow Ice Cream

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

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Other Fun Ways to Play in the Snow

Hula Hoop in the Snow  from Parents Magazine

Try one of these seven fun snow games  from Spoonful
Play Tic-Tac-Snow  from Parenting
Make a snowman bird feeder  from Lush Home

Snowman bird feeder

Build a Snow Fort  from Parent Tested Parent Approved
Blow Bubbles in the Snow- they freeze!  from Science Made Fun

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So many FUN Ways to PLAY!

Don't forget to bring the snow indoors for lots more fun

If you don't have any of the real stuff why not try one of our snow play recipes?
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