Glow in the Dark Sand Recipe

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 After a bit of experimenting we found a way to make our own glow-in-the-dark sand!  My girls have been having so much fun with this stuff, and it costs mere pennies to make.  Are you ready for the recipe?
Glow-in -the-Dark

 Sand Recipe
MAKE YOUR OWN GLOW SAND. What? This is too fun!  My kids are going to flip!
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You can buy glow-in-the-dark sand, but it is pretty pricey.  Why not make it yourself?  The process is fun and easy.  This sand is great for sensory play, arts and crafts, magic melting sand play, and an array of other creative activities.  

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  • Place the desired amount of salt into a zip seal bag, one bag for each color of sand you want to make.  Then add a squirt or two of glowing paint to each bag.  
  • Seal the bags and mix until all of the salt crystals are saturated in color.  Add more paint if needed
Homemade glow in the dark sand for arts, crafts, and amazing sensory play!
  • Once the salt crystals are saturated open the bags and allow the salt to dry.  Drying will take roughly 24 hours.  You can lay the salt out on cookie sheets to dry faster, or you can let it dry right in the bag
Make your own glow in the dark sand
  • The salt may clump together a bit as it dries but will easily break apart once it is handled.  Once the salt is dry pour it into a sensory bin or storage container.  That's it!  Easy and frugal glow in the dark sand!
Glow in the dark rainbow sand- SO FUN!

Add buckets, shovels, kitchen gadgets, and/or cars, and play can begin!

How to make glow in the dark sand for amazing play and crafting fun
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As kids play the sand colors will blend and swirl to create neat effects!

Homemade glow in the dark sand recipe

This sand is so colorful and fun! Rosie and Jewel have really had a blast with it. We had a few jars on hand and used those to make beautiful glow-in the-dark-sand art. No matter how kids play they are sure to have fun! 

Make your own glow in the dark sand for sensory play, arts and crafts, glow in the dark sand art, magic melting sand art, and MORE!  So easy to make and so many ways to play!
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A Few Tips:  You can get Epsom salt at Dollar store.  You can use any salt for this, but Epsom salt is good for the skin and is a fine grain salt, making it perfect for making play sand.  Adding water to the sand produces amazing melting effects and is a fun way to explore the science of salt and water.  The glow in the dark paint we use can be found online here.  We also used some of our favorite fluorescent paint so that we could make a complete rainbow of glowing sand colors.  If you use fluorescent paint you will need a blacklight.  This is the one we currently have.

Storage: After play time this sand can be stored in a zip seal bag or sand storage bin for future play!


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